Nine Wishes to You for 2019

Here at Innodirect, we’ve resolved to effect meaningful change for businesses in 2019. Based on our resolution, we’ve composed a list of nine new year wishes for our past, present and future clients. 

So without further ado, we’d like to wish you a year of:

1. Enhanced Communication

We know how vital effective communication can be. Disorganization and miscommunication are the leaky faucets of a business; minutes and hours of confusion and clarification add up to a surprising amount of time and money wasted each year. So this year, it’s our hope that you experience fewer bouts of communicational hiccups. 

2. Increased Diversity.

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The conscious professional does their best to improve their work environment by instilling diversity programmes and attending training sessions, but diversity training has not proven as effective as it’s made out to be. We’d like 2019 to be the year that businesses begin approaching diversity from a more fundamental perspective, going deeper than surface-level corrective measures and introducing policies that benefit businesses as well as current and future employees.

3. Heightened Creativity.

Creativity greases the wheels of innovation. It’s an essential element that helps businesses distinguish themselves from others, not to mention it increases workplace satisfaction. So we’re hoping 2019 is the year you discover a safe space in which to express your ideas and creativity.

4. More Successful Collaborations.

Collaborations can improve the productivity and profitability of a business, but a team’s effectiveness is often affected by biases. From the bandwagon effect to confirmation bias, our preconceived notions of ourselves and others often get in the way. So this year we  wish for you to discover methods to help overcome prejudices and enhance your collaborations.

5. Deepened Understanding of Your Clients’ Needs.

They say “customer is king”, but many businesses are out of touch with what their clients really require. What if, this year, you could involve your customers and partners in your brainstorming sessions, coming up with solutions that suit everyone? We’re wishing you a year in which you include your entire value chain in your thinking.

6. Improved Employee Growth.

According to this report, only just over 30% of U.S. employees are engaged in their jobs and only 53% are happy at work. Involving employees in decision-making processes shows them that you value their opinions. Aside from it being meritocratic and smart (after all, two heads are better than one, right?), it also makes them feel more confident in their position, more responsible for the outcome and more satisfied overall. May you and your employees have a professionally gratifying year.

7. Cross-Sectoral Synergy.

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Cross-sectoral collaboration is a practical solution to problem solving, especially if those problems affect various sectors of a business. Working as a team where each member has unique insights to different aspects of a project or issue can be incredibly productive, but it can also present challenges. There are constraints on time and space, not to mention trust, bias, competition and communication issues. It’s our hope that the channels between your business sectors remain open, effective and capable of achieving more this year.

8. More Effective Meetings.

Unproductive meetings account for more time and money wasted than you might realise. That’s why we’re wishing you less time spent in “re-cap meetings” and more energy focusing on taking greater strides toward your goals. 

9. More Environmentally Conscious Business Decisions

Sustainability is an issue that affects everyone. Considering only 9% of what we produce is recycled, it’s become imperative that we begin to implement more sustainable practices. One way to effectively reduce waste in our businesses is to contribute to the circular economy, reusing and regenerating our resources. With an increased global awareness of the necessity to reduce waste, it’s our hope that this is the year in which more ecologically mindful decisions are made, both in and outside of the workplace.

From all of us at Innodirect: we wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2019 be the year of innovation and positive transformation within your business.

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By the Innodirect Team

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